This is what your energy body can look and feel like if you have cords and attachments! 
Cords are created by our thoughts, words, ideas, beliefs, feelings and emotions. They attach us to people, places, objects and situations. Other people can cord into us with their words, thoughts and feelings about us. 
If your energy is feeling low for no discernable reason, if you feel stuck, unable to move forward with plans for your life, projects etc, if you know you should let something go but just cannot, then you could be corded. You may also be repeating unhelpful patterns.
In this session we will also work to clear any outdated vows, contracts, oaths of office or any other restrictive energies that you are carrying in your aura or energy fields. These may remain from past lives if they were not resolved or cancelled during that life time.
The session lasts approximately one hour and the normal fee is €44
I am making a SPECIAL OFFER for November to work with you online to clear your cords and set you free to manifest your desires. 
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