Many people are uncertain about working by distance. If this is you, read on to discover how easy and how effective it is. I offer a variety of services over the internet, using either Skype, Whatsapp video call or Zoom webinar platform. Below you will find the process for each service described. 

Distance Training Courses
I offer some certified training courses over distance. When you enquire about these, you will first be asked to complete an application form. On receipt of the completed form, we will arrange a non commital call to answer any questions, ensure that I am the right teacher for you and discuss suitable timing for the sessions. As these are delived "live" we need to ensure that our time zones and other commitments allow us to work together. For example I would not be able to take on as a student someone who would need to start a class in the middle of my night as I would not be an effective teacher at 3am! 
When we have agreed everything and payment has been received, pdf manuals are sent and we start our classes. We schedule the sessions as we go along through the course. 
Sessions are never more than 2 hours 30minutes maximum
Any course work is submitted by email. 

Online Classes and Meditation Sessions
From time to time I offer short online "personal growth" classes for those wishing to work with me but not able to travel. These do not give certified qualifications. They may be delived by Zoom or by Facebook Live, often in a private group so that participants feel safe to share or ask questions. 
When you sign up for one of these classes you will receive a link by email, to the platform where the class will be delivered. Please ensure that you check your Spam/Junk folders of the email address that you provide, if the email does not appear in your Inbox. 
There are simple step by step directions included with the link to ensure that you can easily access the live video.
These sessions are always recorded so you can watch the video at any time that is convenient to you. The link to the recording is sent by email. It really does not make any difference whether you join live or watch a replay. You will still connect with the energy of the session and benefit. 

Online Healing Sessions 
We are all connected by energy. Distance healing is well known in modalities such as Reiki, Crystal Healing, Spirtual Response Therapy, Sacred Geometry Healing, Seraphim Healing and Magnified Healing.
I offer all these as an online service.
I also offer bespoke sessions combining the therapies with guidance on self help tools or guided meditations as suited to the situation.

Once payment is made, the appointment is confirmed and we have a consultation call. In some cases the healing will be transmitted during the call. Alternatively after the consultation, I will suggest that you lie down or sit quietly whilst the healing is transmitted. We then have a follow up call where we share any insights and feedback from the session. If this is not possible, I share any insights via email. 

Online Spiritual Coaching
You may have been on one of my video classes or seen something somewhere in a book or on the internet that leads you to feel that you require an indepth session with a live teacher to enable you to "delve deep" into the topic, to work with a particular energy or spiritual tool, or to ask additional questions etc. 
We first have a discussion, either by email or a free consultation call. An appointment for the coaching session is confirmed by payment of the fee. During the session, questions can be asked, information will be shared and I will provide a pdf after the call, of any essential information such as a specific decree or invocation. Follow up questions are included in the fee

I hope this has answered your questions and look forward to working with you online when the time is right

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