Angelic Reiki (R)Master Teacher
The purpose of the workshop is to initiate the participant into the Master Teacher energy of this system. This will happen in the most perfect way for you and it is recommended that you just be open to whatever may unfold.

You are thanked and recognised by The Angelic Kingdoms of Light,  for embracing the role of teacher. Know that it will bring you great blessings both during your life on earth and in other dimensional realms. Your human consciousness may never fully comprehend the great service that you do, but it will be seen from "above".

All participants of the Master Teachers workshop need to have completed the first and second degree workshop, the third and fourth degree workshop and the professional practitioner’s workshop.

The purpose of the manual is to create a framework of topics and information that need to be presented. Discussion and personal examples have an important part to play. The manual also acts as a reference for teachers preparing for their own classes.

There is some review and repetition in this workshop as participants may have been experiencing personal clearing during their original 1 & 2 and 3 & 4 workshops. There is a lot of information in those workshops and so review and deeper explanation may be required to enable the participant to become a competant teacher. It is therefore important for this workshop to primarily be a response to the particular needs of each group, reviewing and giving further explanation and clarification of material already introduced in the previous workshops as necessary.

The Syllabus
  • Principles and practice of Clearing and dedicating the space.
  • 4th degree clearing, entity release and attunement.
  • Meditation with the Archangels of the Tree of Life.
  • Archangelic master initiation and attunement.
  • Grounding and the feeling body.
  • Setting up as a teacher.
  • Practical advice for setting up workshops.
  • Workshop guidance.
  • Practical experience and guidance for leading a healing practice.
  • Guidance on facilitating attunements, cleanses and the entity release.
  • Organisation, support and responsibilities of the teacher.
  • Review and discussion of any topics or issues presented in Angelic Reiki.

This workshop requires a minimum of 17 ~19 hours and may extend to 3 full days depending on the requirements of the group. 
The fee includes the manual and Master Teacher Certificate plus on going support of your Master Teacher. 
Master Teachers are required to sign the Angelic Reiki(R) charter agreeing to teach Angelic Reiki in the way originally given to Kevin and Christine Core.
The fee is €423

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