During the Golden Age of Atlantis we lived in 5th Dimensional energy and humanity had 12 main chakras or energy centres. There is no doubt that the planetary frequencies are rising once more and we have the opportunity to bring back the 5th Dimensional life of the Golden Ages. 
Working with our 12 chakras will assist us in raising our frequency. This will help us to more easily assimilate the shifts in planetry energies. I have been working with activating my 12 chakras since 2006 and have had several confirmations from psychic colleagues that there has been a change in my energy system.

A session includes:
*Explanation of the location of the 12 main chakras and the energy that they carry at the 5th Dimension
*You will learn the archangel, colour, sacred tone and sacred geometrical shape that is linked to each of the 12 chakras.
*You will experience the 12 chakra activation as a guided meditation
*You will receive a handout of the above information
*You will have chance to ask questions
(information based on the teachings of Diana Cooper)
Energy Exchange: €44 

Session can be one to one at my place or via skype or whatsapp.
For distance session please use this link to make payment when you have confirmed the appointment 


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