What is the difference between Angelic Reiki and traditional (Usui) Reiki?

There are many differences, but basically the angels do all the work in Angelic Reiki.
You are attuned by Archangel Metatron to your personal healing angel. All the attunements are carried out by the Angels themselves. You learn a specific way of connecting with the angels to channel their healing energies.  As the angels do all the work during a treatment, they bring in whatever energy is needed for the client. This means that you, as a practitioner, do nothing~ you do not need to learn symbols and you do not need to concern yourself with hand positions.
I do not know much about angels and I have not studied any other Reiki system, can I still do Angelic Reiki?
Yes, there is no prior learning needed to attend the Angelic Reiki course. The only thing necessary is to have a desire to become a channel to bring through the healing angels. I have had a wide variety of students in my courses, some have never done any kind of healing or "energy work" and many surprise themselves as they sense the angels working through them.
I offer additional support for any of my students who feel they need to know more. 
I am not sure if I want to become a practitioner, can I do just level one?
Angelic Reiki is not split into level one and level two.
Part of the attunement process with Angelic Reiki is to “be in the energy” for a set number of hours. This enables the changes in your energy body and cellular body to occur. During this time, you can receive all the necessary attunements to become a practitioner and practice the healing methods.
If you need any extra support on your journey to become a practitioner, I am happy to provide this.  You can, of course, take the course for your own healing and growth as many people do.
What type of problem can be treated with Angelic Reiki?

The angels see the client as a multi dimensional being and they will use their energies wherever needed. They can heal  physical, mental, emotional and spiritual issues.  The angels will reach right into the core of a problem and heal it. They can go into past lives to heal issues that have been carried forward into this life. They will gently heal new souls about to incarnate at birth and they can support souls about to make their transition at death. The angels healing energies and the possibilities for healing are limitless.

I have seen that others teach the Angelic Reiki over 2 days, why do you do the class over 2 and 1/2 days?

There are 3 atunements during the course and it is important that there is a sleep cycle between each atunement in order for them to be fully integrated into the energy body. The atunement is instant at a spiritual level but on a physical level the body needs time to adjust. If the atunements are give close together the recipient is likely to suffer from ascension symptoms and feel unwell. The extra time is also needed to fully cover all the healing methods and discuss the practicalities of becoming a practitioner.

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