Here is  the most up to date schedule for the coming year of the certified courses that I teach.
The "intensive" dates are suggested for travellers to Cyprus. Alternative dates can be arranged on request.
Residents of Cyprus, who prefer to take a break from their normal routine to study, are also welcome to the intensives.
To book any of the courses please contact Susanne for application form and payment details. 
Payment accepted by bank transfer or Paypal.

Diana Cooper Foundation Training Courses Module Dates

Angel  Training 
Please contact me to arrange suitable dates.
This course may be taken by Skype tutorial

Ascension Training
Please contact me to arrange suitable dates.
This course may be taken by Skype tutorial

Golden Atlantis Training
Please contact me to arrange suitable date

Transform Your Life Training
12 to 14 January Teacher Training Module
25 to 30 January Transform Your Life Module

Unicorn Training
Please contact me to arrange suitable dates

Lemurian Planetary Healing Training
Please contact me to arrange suitable dates.

Diana Cooper Foundation Intensive Course 

Suitable for travellers to Cyprus or those who prefer to take time out of their normal routine to study.

Angel Intensive ~
  • 12 to 20 January 2018, or for those who already have a teaching qualificationwith the DCF 15 to 20 January
Ascension Intensive~
  • Contact me to arrange a suitable date
Golden Atlantis Intensive~
 Contact me to arrange suitable dates
Lemurian Planetary Healing Intensive~
  • 1 to 5 June Venue Glastonbury 
  • For teachers of the Diana Cooper Foundation dates are 4 &5 June
  • The Teacher Training Module may be taken via Skype Tutorial in advance of the course for those who cannot attend on 1 to 3 June. Contact me for more information.
 Unicorns Intensive~ Venue Glastonbury
  • Teacher Training 1 to 3 June (may be available via Skype tutorial for those unable to attend these dates. Contact me for further information)
  • Unicorn Module 6 to 8 June 
Transform Your Life Intensive ~
  • 20 to 25 June 2018 for DCF graduates. Venue Glastonbury UK
Master Teacher Training(for graduates of Diana Cooper Foundation only)
  • 11 to 13 June 2018 Venue UK 

Therapy Training Courses

Crystal Chakra Healing Practitioner Course
 Part One 17 & 18 February, Part Two 31 March & 1 April
Intensive Crystal Course Dates:
17 to 20 February

Angelic Reiki Practitioner Course
Please note that the first day of the course is a 3 hour session, normally starting at 5pm. (Time can be adjusted to suit student needs)
9 to 11 March 2018
Contact me if you would like to do the course on alternative dates.

Magnified Healing Phase One
Contact me to arrange suitable dates. Please note that at least 3 weeks notice is required for this class to enable me to obtain the official student pack from the USA.

Please see my diary of upcoming events for other short, one day workshops.



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