Spiritual Response Therapy (SRT)

Spiritual Response Therapy is an extremely powerful and effective method of clearing outdated thoughts, beliefs, ideas and subconcious programmes which may be creating blocks to health,happiness and spiritual growth.
These thoughts, blocks and programmes may come from experiences, and the discordant energy attached to that experience,  that we have had in this life. They can also be carried forward from other lifetime, like energetic "scars" in our subconcious mind.
With SRT we can research and clear these blocks  so that we are free from that negative energy and can move forward in our life.
When we are free from these programmes and blocks we are fully in charge of our life and can acheive our highest potential.


Who Can Benefit From SRT

Anyone can benefit from this therapy. SRT works on the whole body mind and spiritual energy of the individual.
Some of the condititons that can be addressed with SRT include
  • Physical Allergies and  addictions 
  • Fears and Phobias
  • Negative Belief Patterns e.g. I will never succeed in life. 
  • Repeating Negative emotional patterns e.g. Always choosing an abusive relationship
  • Relationships within families or friends
  • Repetative health patterns e.g always getting a bug when travelling overseas
The list of what can be helped with SRT is virtually endless as clearing the soul of the outdated programming is always useful on some level. When the soul is cleared of a pattern, block or programme it does not need to return to that lesson again and is free to advance.


What Happens in An SRT Session

We start by discussing the situation to be addressed and then choose how to phrase the questions to do the research.
Research is done by using a set of charts and a dowsing pendulum.
When the blocks or programmes are discovered, we instruct the Higher Self to clear them and use the pendulum to aid the clearing. Once we have confirmed that there are no more programmes to clear relating to the situation we then seal the clearing by asking for the Higher Self to clear the Akashic Records (our souls record).
It may be necessary to support the work done during the session with other therapies or affirmations. Whilst the work is instant at the soul level, it may take time to anchor into the physical level, particularly if the situation is related to physical symptoms, althou this is not always the case.

A session generally lasts for one hour but may take longer dependant on the complexity of the situation
Often only one session is required.

I offer sessions in person or via Skype or Whatsapp.
I have found that SRT is equally as effective when conducted via Skype. I have worked with clients from various parts of the world, successfully assisting them and clearing a wide variety of problems.

Contact me for an informal chat about how SRT could help to change your life.


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