Angel Teacher Training Course

This course offers the skills, confidence and knowledge to work with groups or individuals in a safe and professional manner.
Graduates are able to run their own retreats, workshops and one to one spiritual counselling sessions, assisting others to connect and work with the angelic realms.

The course consists of the Teacher training module of 3 days, (20 teaching hours),
plus the Angels module of 6 days (40 teaching hours). A total of 9 days (60 teaching hours).
Normally the training course will be offered as 3 x 3day modules over 3 months.
This can be adapted to suit individual students needs and may be offered as a 9 day “intensive” Angel Training course.
The "intensive" is particularly suited for travelers or those who prefer to take a break from their normal routine to study.

This course is mainly experiential, with the emphasis of the training being on developing practical skills, increasing confidence, empowerment and enhancing individuals’ abilities and talents. 
Some study will be needed both before and during the course to increase your knowledge, learning and soul growth, and full guidance will be given with the Joining Instructions.  

*The course may also be taken as an empowering, inspirational 6 day retreat. In this case there is no teaching certificate awarded and home study is for personal experience and development.*

The Angel Course has now been developed as a distance learning course delivered over Skype/Whatsapp or Zoom.
Contact me for further information.



This module will:
Enable you to help individual clients.
Give you the expertise and skills to facilitate a group or workshop in a professional manner.
Empower you with the confidence to organise and hold a group or workshop.
Give you the basic framework for the Angel Course, and other teacher training courses run by the Diana Cooper Foundation. 
The subjects covered during the module will include:
  • How to set up a workshop or group – Weaving the Magic
  • Preparing yourself.  Your intention or mission.  Grounding, centering, purifying and protecting, opening up to the highest guidance.
  • Making people welcome – creating a safe space.  The art of helping people feel relaxed and comfortable.  Movement and exercises to relax people.  Safe sharing.
  • Presentation skills – Quality of voice.  Being spontaneous.  Attitude.  Exercises to improve breathing and improve the tone of the voice.
  • Structuring an Angel workshop.  Order of presentation.  Creating variety.  Using all your skills and being individual.
  • Setting up Angel exercises.  Explaining the exercise and building the energy.  Ways to end the exercise e.g. sharing, silence, going away and returning to discuss later, doing something filled with movement, sound and excitement.
  • Mood induction.  Watching the energy of the class.  Body language.  Interaction with groups.  Demonstration of helping people change body position.
  • Empowering others.  Drawing out people’s magnificence.  Getting people positive.  Raising the vibration of a group
  • The art of listening and hearing
  • Use of the course notes
  • Meditations.  Preparing subject matter.  Using your voice.  Use of joss sticks, candles and music.
  • Ritual and ceremony.  How to set one up. 
  • Grounding a group or individual
  • Protection.  Powerful protection invocations
  • Healing and processing trauma.  Note: when working with higher energies people’s deeper issues can surface and it is important to know how to handle this.
  • Spreading the magic: advertising and spreading the word of your work.  Peer support 
Individual Study: prepare a short exercise, visualisation and talk to give to small groups or to the whole group.  You will be presented with full notes, so that the sessions will be predominately used to practise the techniques and thereby gain confidence and empowerment. The chakra exercises are an integral part of our work.  Students are expected to become proficient in them and lead part of the exercises throughout the training programme


 This module can only be taken if the Teacher Training  module has been completed successfully.
This module will:
Enable you to lead groups in Angel meditations
Show you how to connect with the Angels for your own benefit and for others
Empower you with the confidence to speak about Angels in front of others
Give you a variety of exercises to enhance Angelic connection
Show you how to use Angelic energy for healing 
The subjects covered during the module will include:
  • An understanding of Angels, Archangels and the Angelic Hierarchy
  • The symbolism of feathers
  • The principles of healing with Angels
  • Angel sounds, singing, chanting sacred mantras etc.
  • Writing to Angels
  • Channelling with Angels
  • Wishing with Angels
  • Angel wings and Angel Invocations
  • Using drawings to access Angel information
  • Archangel Retreats
  • Aura work: golden hands, blowing on the aura, touch, colour
  • Angel journeys and meditations
  • Active Angel exercises
  • Creating Angel ceremonies and rituals
  • Directing the Angels
  • Protection rituals
  • Use of Inspirational stories 
You will be presented with full notes, so the emphasis of the training will be on practising the skills, gaining confidence and empowerment.
Individual Study:
Prepare a short Angel meditation to present to the group.
Create a short Angel exercise to present to the group.
A piece of written work on Angels (can be on tape in cases of dyslexia etc).
Prepare a one-day Angel workshop programme.
Prepare a 5 minute inspirational talk to present to a group of people.
Talk to people about Angels and obtain feedback and testimonials.
Lead part of the chakra exercises

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