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August 2014

Hello to you all,

I hope that you are all having a lovely summer and giving thanks for the wonderful weather that we are blessed with on this island.

I had a busy july, with the Crystal classes and Magnified Healing. Its so uplifting to share the knowledge and to know that there are now more certified Magnified Healing Phase One Master Teachers on Cyprus and there will soon be more Crystal Chakra Healing Practitioners.

It seems that the energies are now drawing us to the ancient wisdoms. We are recalling our roots and connecting once more with the natural ways of healing. Crystals are becoming ever more popular. I am putting on "Curious About Crystals" again on Wednesday 20th and offering it also on saturday 23rd August at the request of a couple of ladies who were unable to attend the last class.

If you would also like a break from the beach and to spend a restful day (in airconditioning if required) exploring the world of crystals, do make a note of the dates and contact me to reserve your place now. This class will count as the first day of the Practitioner course, if you decide to go on to do that in the future.

I have had so many questions asked this month about various topis that I have created a "Q & A " page on my website.
Click on any of the links to be taken to these answers: I went to see the Marys Dinner Club new venue~ Agora Art Bistro~ and had a very tasty meal there the other evening. I am pleased to say that I enjoyed it so much I went again for a lunch and spoke with Mary about putting on events there. As it seems that Crystals and Crystal healing is so popular at the moment, I will be doing an Introduction to Crystals and Crystal Healing on wednesday 13th August. The bistro will be open, so you can eat there either before or after my seminar. Naturally it will be an interactive session with the chance for you to get your hands on the crystals. Please let myself or Mary know if you will be attending so that I have enough crystals with me.

When we look at the world around us, there is no doubt that our healing thoughts are very much in need. One very powerful tool for healing the earth is the Lemurian Planetary Healing. The workshop on 8.8 will teach you how to use this healing energy, and we will be sending healing to areas of need.

Althou it is summer time, I am aware that some of you find it a more convenient time to do workshops so there is a reminder of the schedule that I have in the next column.

Please contact me as soon as possible if you would like to come to any of these sessions. I need to know numbers at least a day in advance, preferably sooner, for each class.

Whatever you choose to do this summer, I wish you peace, health, happiness and harmony.


Golden Summer Days and Golden Summer Evenings
Dates 5, 12, 19, 26 August, Times~ Days 10am til 1pm, Evenings 7pm til 10pm
(Evening classes are a repeat of the day class)

Four sessions to help your soul progress and raise your energetic frequency. Each session will focus on a different ascension activator to assist you on your journey. There will be a mix of information, activity and visualisation in each session.
You may attend as many of the sessions as you wish. There is a discount available for booking all 4 sessions.

  • Session One~ The 12 Chakras.
  • Session Two~ The Antakarana Bridge. 
  • Session Three~ The Violet Flame
  • Session Four~ The Mahatma Energy
Energy Exchange~ 20euro per session ~ book all 4 sessions and pay for only 3

8.8 Bringing Heaven to Earth 
8 August and 22 August
7pm to 10pm

Work with the ancient wisdom of the Lemurian crystals to bring healing to Mother Earth.
During this workshop you will learn to connect with ancient healing energies and direct them towards areas of need on Mother Earth. There is a second class on 22 August where we will work with the lemurian energies for personal healing as well as planetary healing.

You may attend either session or both sessions. A discount is available when both classes are booked. Energy Exchange~ 20euros per session. 10% discount when both sessions are booked.

Curious About Crystals
~A choice of 2 dates~ 
20 August or 23 August.
10 til 5pm
Energy Exchange 55euro

An introductory class into the world of crystals. Topics include cleansing and programming crystals, sensing energies of the crystals and simple ways of using crystals to enhance health and well being. Lots of practical work. Certificate of attendance included.

Diana Cooper Courses
Golden Atlantis
UK Dates~ Leek Staffordshire

September 26-28
October 24-26
November 21-23
Golden Atlantis Intensive Cyprus~ 10 to 19 October or if you have already taken the Foundation Module 13 to 19 October.

Full prospectus on request.

**Classes can be arranged at different venues and dates to suit student requirements. Contact me to discuss your requirements**

Until next time, 

Please feel free to share this newsletter with anyone who may be interested.

March 2014

It is hard to believe that it is already March and Spring is here.

I think I blinked and missed the Winter!!

This month I will keep my newsletter short and sweet as I am preparing to be a student myself on the Sacred Sound Healing Retreat. Please note that due to requests, the dates have been adjusted slightly.

We now start on saturday 22nd March and finish the 4 days on 25th March. There is lots of information on my website about this retreat. It really sounds fabulous and I am so looking forward to it. There are a couple of places still available so contact me if you would like to book.

As many of you will know, I adore teaching the Golden Atlantis workshops. It really makes my heart sing. So, I am very happy to say that I have been invited to run an Atlantis workshop in Agia Napa~ see the events column for more details. It is open for anyone to attend and spaces are still available. I am always happy to receive enquiries about taking workshops to different areas, so if you have a group of like minded friends and would like me to come to your place, do contact me.

The use of crystal technology and healing was one of the many skills that we possesed during the Atlantean age. If, like me you love crystals~ I am running the Crystals & Crystal Chakra Healing course soon. Full details are here and if you dont want to become a practitioner there is an option to attend the first 2 days only.

For the month of March, I am also offering a 50% discount off Crystal Chakra Healing sessions booked at my place.
If you feel the need to give your energy a boost or you are looking for an unusual Mothers Day gift, this could be just the
thing for you. 

In the events column you will find a reminder of the other workshops that I have planned for the next few weeks.

Wishing you a great month, and look forward to seeing some of you at the MBS at the St Raphael in Limassol soon!

February 2014

Hello Amazing Beings,

We are living through times of great change on all levels!

It is both exciting and challenging, offering many opportunities for growth.

I experienced a particular challenge a few weeks ago~ a lesson that I kept getting presented with. I did a lot of inner work and healing and truely trust and hope that I have now cleared and healed this issue so that it is not presented to me again. I will share the techniques for healing fears in one of my upcoming workshops.

It feels that Mother Earth is going through a great purification and healing process. This is reflected back to us and as we purify ourselves it is reverberating into the earths energies. Have you noticed how around the times of the New Moon the weather will very often be disruptive, stormy or strong winds? New Moons are known as a time for cleansing and maybe this has an effect on our weather.

As Mother Earth continues this healing process and needs our assistance, I am running the powerful Lemurian Healing workshop soon. It is an amazing workshop that enables you to connect with the Lemurian energy, work with the wisdom of the Lemurian crystals and send healing to areas of need on the planet. The energy can be sent to the tectonic faults, weather systems, the oceans, in fact any area of need.

Students who have attended this course often go on to form Earth healing groups.Don't worry if you don't have a Lemurian
Crystal as I have several for use on the workshop and also teach a "non crystal" method of connecting with the energy, so you never need to buy or own a Lemurian crystal~ I also show you how to identify the Lemurian crystals. A phenomena that is occuring now is that many Lemurian crystals are revealing their true identity to their owners as they become ready to work with the Lemurian energy. Many people are finding that crystals in their collections are Lemurian even thou they did not appear to be when they first came to their owners.

It is also very appropriate to offer a variety of workshops that will help us to cleanse and purify ourselves and our lives. As we work on ourselves this also benefits the planet. As we raise our frequency we are able to carry more light and bring that through to the earth. You will find information on these workshops in the Events column.

I am running some short fun and informative evening workshops to pass on practical skills and information~ the first ones are about crystals and creating aura sprays. 

As it is nearly Valentines Day, I thought I would include a short exercise working with Archangel Chamuel the angel in charge
of the Heart Chakra. Sit quietly and if possible light a pink candle. Ask the angels of love and Archangel Chamuel to draw close to you.

If you have a partner/spouse, ask these angels and both your guardian angels to help you to communicate and share your love for each other over the coming year to deepen and strengthen the bond between you. Feel your heart chakra glowing as the angels fill it with love.

Give thanks to the Angels.

If you have recently lost a partner/spouse (or you know someone who has), ask the angels to help by opening up the heart chakras to angelic love.

As the angels pour angelic love into their heart chakras, this will help to heal any wounds of the heart.

Give thanks to the angels.

If the candle is still burning at the end of the exercise, and it is not safe to let it burn out, you may blow out the candle and dedicate its light to unconditional love in the world.

Recently I have created a new Facebook Page~ Holistic Activities Cyprus which will have posts and information relating to
the courses, workshops and practitioner trainings. Do have a look and "Like" the page and if you are not yet a friend on Facebook do send me a Friend Request. I only ever post positive and informative posts, keeping the energy of my pages as light as possible.

I will end with the news that I am working on a series of short daytime workshops. I am looking for a suitable venue and hope by the next newsletter I will be able to let you know when and where they will be held.

I hope to see you on a workshop soon,
Until next time, 

November 2013

Hello to you all,

I hope you are all well and enjoying the long spell of good weather. What a busy month I have just had! This newsletter is later than normal as I have been teaching the Crystal Practitioner course in the UK. Its a fantastic, intuitive course and I had some super students~ who are now practitioners. I landed back in Cyprus and within a few days was teaching the Diana Cooper School Angel teacher course to more amazingly talented students.

As I finish this newsletter, I am preparing for the Mind Body Spirit Expo in Nicosia. It is on this weekend. Do come along and say "Hello" You will find me on table 36 with lots of information on my courses, workshops and therapies. I will have some "angelic goodies" to sell along with vouchers that can be used for therapies, workshops or towards the cost of a training course~ what a great and unusual christmas gift!

I am presenting 2 seminars over the Expo weekend. On saturday at 2pm you will find me in the Idalion Room where I will be giving the "Wonder of Unicorns" seminar. Unicorns are very high vibrational beings. They have total purity and assist us to achieve our soul purpose. We all have a unicorn, who will step forward when we are ready to meet them. Then on sunday at 1pm I will be in the same room giving the seminar "Angels Inspire" this will be a fun session using angel cards and tuning in to angelic messages.

I have lots of courses planned into the New Year. I am also offering healing retreats connecting students to their angels, working with crystals, and much more.You will find the information, including dates on my website

I will be updating the website in a few days time with some great photos taken on the crystal course so do take a peek at those too.

I would particularly like to draw your attention to a very special course that will be running next March for the first time in Cyprus. Mildred Ryan, Principal Master Teacher of the Diana Cooper School in Ireland, will be here presenting "Sacred Sound Healing" You can find out more about Mildred and the course on her website or by contacting me naturally!

As it is the Festive season, I do have a variety of special offers, click here for details

If you are looking for an unusual present at Christmas, or any time of year, how about a Gift Voucher for Therapies, Angel Card readings(available for Christmas) and Workshops?

I have a variety of gift vouchers available, for relaxing, revitalising therapies~ great for easing post
christmas stresses and boosting energy to see you thru the winter. What a lovely gift for someone special ~ or why not ask for one for yourself?

I also have vouchers for Angel Card readings (available for Christmas) and for something really unusual you can buy a voucher, for any amount to put towards the cost of attending any of my workshops or courses.

Until next time, 

The Angel for November is Adnachiel 
The crystal for November is Topaz~ Brings trust in the Universe and aids Manifesting. 
The number for this November is 8~ Bringing Heaven to Earth.

October 2013

Hello to you all,

Welcome to the new readers who have joined over the last month.

I had a most wonder filled Golden Atlantis course with a student from Finland. 
We connected with Nature, worked with the animal and elemental kingdom and did lots of work with crystals.
We even held one class at Hilarions Castle. Master Hilarion was a High Priest during the Atlantis era, so we did have a valid reason for the visit. We were able to find a quiet spot to connect in meditation with this great master to recieve guidance. I will be running this course again in the New Year, so if any of you are interested in attending, do get in touch now for a prospectus and an informal chat.

Here are some photos of our Hilarion visit and Atlantis course.
To give you a taster of Golden Atlantis, I have planned a Healing One day Retreat on 19th October. We will be experiencing the energies of the Golden Age, healing with Crystals and restoring our Divine Blueprint. The energy exchange for the day includes a set of crystals.

I have rescheduled the dates of the next Diana Cooper School Angel training, at the request of a student.

The new dates are as follows~ 
  • Foundation Weekend~ 8 to 10 November
  • Angels Part One~ 6 to 8 December
  • Angels Part Two~ 10 to 12 January
This course may be taken by anyone interested in working with the angelic kingdoms. It is enlightening and
empowering. As the course is practical in nature, you will experience a variety of ways of working with the angels
to enhance your own life and to help others. I speak from my personal experience when I say, " It is a life changing course!" A certificate as a teacher with the Diana Cooper School is awarded on successful completion of the course. If you feel inspired to join the course, I will be honoured to share the journey with you.

I am very excited to have my first Unicorn workshop this weekend. The idea of working with Unicorns may
seem strange to some of you and not everyone is ready to work with them yet due to the high vibrational state that Unicorns 
exist in. I asked this morning for the perfect unicorn card to put in this newsletter to awaken the interest in those who are ready to work with them~ this is the card that fell out of the pack.

The meaning of the card is to encourage and be receptive to new ideas!
For those of you who would like to join the day, we will connect with your Unicorn and the New Moon to clear your life path, discover and activate your soul purpose. It will be a powerful, joyful day.

I will be at Marys Dinner Club on sunday 20th October giving a workshop "Introduction to working with Crystals" I will be 
explaining how to care for crystals and we will be doing some "hands on" work to experience their energies. Mary will be providing a delicious brunch for us. Places are limited to 12 so please contact Mary to book your place soon.

I have an Angelic Reiki course next weekend, places are still available and I have extended the date for the discount up to the 
3rd October, so please contact me quickly to get the bargain price. We will be having a 3 hour class on the friday 11th, followed by 2 full days, 9.30 to 4.30pm. Angelic Reiki is a simple but so powerful healing energy. The course gives all the information that you need to be able to use the energy to help yourself, family, friends and offer the treatment to clients too.

Finally, I have a new offer for the Autumn ~ Therapy Tuesdays. 
You may book any therapy, excluding ear coning, on a tuesday for only 25 euro.
Appointments are available from 9a.m to 7.30pm 
This offer is only available at my home.

Until next time,

The crystal for October is Lapis Lazuli. This stone can enhance your spiritual and psychic gifts, and aids intuition.
The Angel for October is Barbiel who is associated with Archangel Gabriel.
The number for this October is 7~ key words are Intuition, Mystery and Spiritual.

Looking for an unusual gift idea?  Gift Vouchers are available for all courses, workshops and therapies.