Diary of  Upcoming Events

Below you will find a list of the current workshop and course dates. If you would like to receive an up to date list of workshops as they are planned, sign up for my newsletter or email me and I will be delighted to send you details as they are available.
*On occasion it is possible for me to arrange courses and workshops on alternative dates to suit the students requirements Please contact me to discuss*
I am willing to travel worldwide to bring the training courses to you.
During 2018 I will be offering more courses in the UK. Please contact me for more information 
For those interested in travelling to the beautiful island of Cyprus to attend a course, 
I can arrange a course to suit your schedule
Visit "Special Offers"  to see the latest discounts on workshop bookings
 ≈Venue for all classes is Psematismenos, (near to Zygi / Governors Beach)  unless otherwise stated.≈
Payment by instalments is possible, by prior arrangement, for all courses. 

Diary of Events

Discover your Psychic Gifts
14 April 10am to 4.30pm

We all have the ability to connect to our psychic senses. In this interactive and fun workshop we will
*Clear blocks and fears to using psychic abilities  *Awaken our senses
*Identify our primary psychic ability * Clear Cleanse and Activate the Sacral, Solar Plexus and Brow chakras
Have lots of fun activities to practice the psychic abilities
Energy Exchange €44 including light refreshments

Angels For Everyone~ Attend for a Voluntary Donation
15 April 10am to 4.30pm

**This is a Voluntary Donation Workshop to enable all to attend**
Angels are powerful controllers of universal energies~ and they are ready and willing to assist us, if we ask.
In this workshop we will
*Clear our energy to enable us to connect with Angels   *Connect with our Guardian Angel
*Learn about Angel Signs  *Create your own Angel Signs
*Discover your overlighting Archangel  *Write to your Angel 

The Crystal Club
18 April 7pm to 9pm

This club will run monthly and will cover different topics each time. This month we will look at stones for new beginnings and releasing the past. You are welcome to bring your own crystals along if you wish.
Energy Exchange €10

Create your Ascension Toolkit
21 April 10am to 4.30pm

Ascension is the conscious choice to work towards embodying more light so that you eventually reach a higher state of awareness and resonate at a higher vibration. (It is not about leaving this planet) As you work on this path there are lessons and challenges to overcome. This workshop will cover a variety of tools to enable you to achieve mastery including *The Antakarana Bridge *The Violet Flame Tools  * Mahatma Energy  *Discovering your Ascension Team 
Energy Exchange €44 to include light refreshments

Crystal Skull Workshop                         
22 April 10.30pm~4pm

All crystal skulls can connect into the Crystal Skull Collective consciousness which was created by the original 13 Atlantean Skulls.
During this workshop we will~
Learn about the Atlantean Skulls and their purpose.
Learn about the 12 tribes, the original keepers of the skulls
How to activate your own crystal skull
Meditate with a crystal skull to receive wisdom and guidance
Please bring along your crystal skull if you have one.
Please let me know if you wish to purchase a skull as I may have a few for sale.
Energy Exchange €44 to include light refreshments

Angels and Ascension Online Meditation Group
Starts Monday 23 April
See here for full details 

Crystal Chakra Healing Part One       
28 & 29 April

In part one of this empowering and intuitive Crystal course you will learn about the care and programming of crystals. You will learn how crystals interact and connect with you to enable you to select the correct crystals for any purpose or person. We will create Gem Elixirs and much more!
There is lots of “hands on crystals” activities.
Please book as soon as possible to enable the preparation of student packs 
Energy Exchange €222 includes notes, set of crystals, pendulum and master crystal.
Part Two ~19 & 20 May leads to a practitioner certificate on completion of required assignments
Energy Exchange €222 includes practitioner certificate and book Crystal Chakra Healing by Philip Permutt

Path to Mastery Part One                       
5 & 6 May 10.am ~ 4.30pm
 Working towards "self mastery and soul mastery" with my newly created course, combining angels and crystals. Full details of content will be confirmed soon
Energy Exchange €135 to include certificate of attendance, crystals and light refreshments

Angelic Reiki Level 1 & 2                        
11 to 13 May

 Become attuned to a powerful healing energy. Full prospectus here
Energy Exchange €306 to include manual, practitioner certificate and master crystal
**Book by 1st May and pay only €279**

Crystal Club                                                
16  May 7pm ~ 9pm

 Topics for this month to be decided

Crystal Chakra Healing Part Two (Practitioner Course)
19 & 20 May

Participants must have attended part one before attending this course. 
Full prospectus here
Energy Exchange €222
Diana Cooper Certified Teacher Training Courses

"Our School is expected by the Spiritual Hierarchy to lead the way in the New Golden Age.  Are you ready to join us and become an Acolyte of the New Golden Age?"

Would you like to run your own workshops, classes and seminars, introducing people to Angels ascension and the Sacred Mysteries?
The Diana Cooper courses will empower you and equip you with the skills to lead your own groups. The information can also be used to work one to one with clients, assisting them in their souls growth.
The courses are experiential and can also be attended for personal spiritual development. NOW is the time to let your Light shine!
*Dates can be arranged subject to students requirements. Please contact Susan for an informal chat*
For those who need to plan longer term,
please see
Course Dates for a schedule of certified courses 
or contact me directly to arrange a date to suit your schedule
  • Booking is essential for all workshops as places are limited
  • If you'd like to do a workshop NOW call me and I will organise one just for you!
*Please contact me if you are interested in travelling to the beautiful island of Cyprus to take a course.
I can arrange to run a course on dates to suit  you.*
*All courses and workshops are taught in English*

I am happy and willing to travel to any area to run a course or workshop. If you are a group organiser, or  have a few friends who would like to learn about the Angels, Ascended Masters, Golden Atlantis, Crystals, Unicorns or Lemurian Healing, please call for a no obligation, chat. I will plan an informative, relaxing, fun filled event just for you. I also give talks and demonstrations on the therapies that I offer.

Looking for an unusual gift idea?  Gift Vouchers are available for all courses, workshops and therapies.