A Little about Angels

Angels are spiritual beings of light. They are our connection to the Creator/Source/God. The word "Angel" is derived from the Greek word "angelos" which means "messanger" and angels do indeed act as messangers, carrying our requests to Source/Creator/God and delivering the blessings of Source/Creator/God to Humanity. Angels are multi dimensional and multi faith. They appear in all the major religions of the world.

Angels are flocking to Earth in increasing numbers to offer their help and assistance in all areas of life. They wait for us to call on them, for they are governed by the Spiritual Laws and cannot act unless they are asked to do so.  Humanity is becoming increasingly aware of the presence of Angelic beings as we raise our conciousness. Angels are here to assist us  with the process of raising our frequency, and that of the planet, to the 5th Dimension. This process is known as Ascension.

You can learn more about the Angels and how to connect and work with them by attending an Angel Workshop. All workshops are structured so that no previous knowledge or experience is needed in order to attend.

What are Angel Workshops?

The word "workshop" is used to describe the event as they are interactive events where you will be given "tools" in the forms of activities and exercises. These experiences will give you the knowledge and confidence to work with the Angelic realms, bringing many blessings to all areas of your life.

A workshop will usually include information on a topic, experiential activities and meditations/guided visulaisations to enable you to feel the wonderful energies of Angels. Angels like us to be joyful, so all workshops that I run include times of fun to allow the "inner child" to play.

An angel workshop is NOT a religious lecture. No particular religious belief is necessary to attend a workshop.

What will I gain from attending a Workshop?

Each workshop that I run has a theme or topic. You will receive information about ways of working with the Angels to assist you in areas related to the topic. There will be activities and exercises so that you may practise and use this information. During the workshop you may receive inner guidance or insights into problems that you may be experiencing. This may help you resolve issues and to move forward on your personal pathway.

You will be able to use the information to help friends, loved ones, and the planet. You will meet and share time with like-minded people. The workshops are always run in a relaxed and friendly atmosphere, ensuring that the day is joyful, fun and informative.

Golden Atlantis Workshops

The time of Golden Atlantis was the most highly spiritual era that the planet has ever experienced. We are now blessed with the opportunity to bring back the knowledge and create a new Golden age.

Attending a Golden Atlantis Workshop will remind you who you REALLY are, re awaken ancient wisdom within you, help to prepare you for the energetic shifts that are taking place on the planet and help to ensure that a new Golden Era emerges for the benefit of humanity and the whole planet.
Information covered in the series of Golden Atlantis workshops includes:
  • The importance of 2012
  • The 12 Chakra System
  • The Use of Crystals
  • The 12 High Priests and Priestesses
  • Spiritual and Psychic Gifts
  • Karma and DNA including 12 strand activation
  • Numerology
  • Working with Nature Devas
  • Connecting with Animals
  • Crystal Skulls
....and much more!

Lemurian Healing Workshop

Lemuria was a high vibrational Golden Age that existed before Atlantis.  The Lemurians had a great love of the natural world and the planet Earth.  They had a desire to heal the energies within the planet. They collected special energies that were focused into Lemurian Crystals.  These crystals were created for humanity to use to help birth the new Golden Age.

The Lemurian healing energy is a pure flowing vibration. The full power of Lemurian Healing can be accessed by working as a group with the energy. The primary use of Lemurian energy is for healing Mother Earth.

If you have a heart felt desire to help heal the planet, love being in nature or have an awareness that your soul is from Lemuria then this workshop is for you!

In the workshop you will:
  • Learn about the Lemurian Crystals and their use
  • Connect to the Cosmic Heart
  • Take part in  two Lemurian Group Healings for the Earth
  • Receive Lemurian Healing
  • Connect with your Unicorn
For dates and more information on all workshops as they are planned see the calender page, or contact me  with a request to include one in the schedule.

Transform Your Life Workshops

This programme is based on the Diana Cooper books "A Little Light on The Spiritual Laws" and "Transform Your Life"  It is a personal and spiritual development course that leads the student to live their life in harmony with the spiritual laws. Living life in this way heals our past, transforms our outdated  beliefs and patterns that may have been hindering our progress, and replaces these with new positive patterns allowing us to create a future where anything is possible.  

Would you like to spread the light of angels to like minded friends?

I am always happy to  travel to any part of the island to run a workshop for your group of friends or club. If you would like a special event just for your group or club, please contact me and I will plan something just for you. The workshop will be planned  to cover any topics that you are interested in.

Workshops can run from 2 hours to a full day. Contact me for an informal chat about your requirements.

Looking for an unusual gift idea?  Gift Vouchers are available for all courses, workshops and therapies.