Access Bars
“The worst thing can happen during a Bars treatment is you have a very relaxing head massage
.......and the best that can happen?
Your life changes!” 

 Gary Douglas Founder of  Access

This amazing simple therapy clears all our limiting decisions, beleifs, judgements and conclusions that we have on a wide variety of topics. It is based on the work of Gary Douglas and Dr Dain Heer the founders of Access Conciousness.  
They have found that there are energy points, known as "bars", on the head. These points store all of our  thoughts and beliefs about the topics that each bar is named after. The good thoughts, the bad thoughts, the right thoughts, the wrong thoughts, beliefs that we have outgrown, ideas that did work, ideas that didnt..... an endless store cupboard of clutter.

Did you ever clear out a filing cabinet, a kitchen cupboard, a wardrobe, or even your computers memory? 
How good did it feel afterwards? 
That is at least how good you can feel after having your bars run!
There are bars for~
Aging  ....and more.

The beliefs, judgements, ideas and conclusions that  are stored as an energetic impulse on the bar may have been there for many lifetimes~ not just this one! 
By deleting this baggage it allows you to have clearer thought,  feel more calm and less stressed and to have an expanded awareness of the true possibilities of your life.
A life where "all of life comes to me with ease, joy and glory" ~ This is the mission statement of Access Conciousness.
What Happens in a Bars session?
The bars are cleared in a healing session which can last up to 1hour 30 minutes for the first session. 
You will relax in a reclining chair or on a therapy couch. The different bars on the head will be gently touched for a few minutes. This should feel relaxing.  If any thoughts crop up as the bars are held you can share them and a clearing statement will be used, if the awareness is that there is a limiting belief behind the thought.

At the end of the session you will be encouraged to have something sweet or salty to eat as the brain has just expended a huge amount of energy~ and the brains food is sugar or salt. 

You can view a videos about Access Bars here

Amazing Results from research into using Access Bars with depression

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