Crystal Chakra Healing

Crystals are widely reputed to have healing and protective energies. Created by Mother Nature, crystals have been known for eons to provide gentle healing energy. Humanity has always been drawn to gems and crystals since the ancient eras of Lemuria and Atlantis when crystals were widely used. (Susanne also runs workshops and courses on Lemurian Planetary Healing and Golden Atlantis which includes working with crystals)

The chakra system of the body draws in energy from the aura and passes this energy to the glands, organs and body parts associated with the chakra. The placement of a crystal or several crystals on a chakra allows the transfer of the healing frequency of the crystals to the mind, body and spirit of the client. Specific crystals can be used to aid the healing of various physical, mental and emotional conditions including stress, anxiety, insomnia, skin complaints, joint problems, hormonal balance. In fact there is a crystal to aid every condition. Each crystal has a unique frequency that when absorbed by the chakra will help to restore the frequency of the chakra to the frequency of balance and harmony. The crystal frequency can dislodge and clear blockages.


What Happens During a session?

During a session the client lies fully clothed on a treatment couch. Crystals are selected by the therapist and placed on the chakras. Several crystals may be used to treat each chakra. Extra crystals may also be placed in the hands of the client or around the body. The client may feel warmth or tingling as they sense the energy from the crystals flowing thru the chakras. 
The session lasts approximately 1 hour.

What are the Benefits of Crystal Chakra Healing?
Crystal Chakra healing produces a feeling of deep relaxation. 
It also promotes  well being, increase of energy and clarity. Physical symptoms may reduce. Healing on all levels, mind, body and spirit may be noted.
Susanne is a teacher of Crystal Chakra Healing.

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