Angel Card Readings


About Angel Card Readings

The angels are messangers from Source/Creator/God and as such they are high spiritual beings of light.
They may decline to tell your "fortune" However, they will give you loving guidance and encourage you to strive to achieve your highest potential. They offer compassion and loving advice. It is up to us to decide if we wish to follow that advice. We have the free will to change anything and the angels guidance does not have to be followed.

There are no "nasty" cards in the decks that I use to read from, so you will not be told anything terrible. There are cards that ask us to be cautious and warn us that we need to make changes.

I offer short 30 minute sessions and longer 1 hour sessions.

I offer angel card readings in person, via skype , whatsapp or email. 
A photograph of the cards will be sent with email readings

Please call or contact me via the contact form to book your appointment.
You may pay using this link.

30 minute session €20 in person €22 via paypal for distance
1hour session €40 in person €44 via paypal for distance

Here is a testimonial from a client following a reading by email.

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