Frequently asked Questions

I receive so many questions that I have decided to start a Q & A page to provide more information. Please scroll down or click the links to view the questions and answers. If you have a question, please contact me and I will try to include the answer here.

Ascension Symptoms

Can you explain what ascension symptoms are and how to deal with them?

As your body adjusts to the higher frequency energies coming in to the planet you may experience some or all of the following symptoms.
Tiredness for no apparent reason.
Lethargy~ no interest in doing anything
Aches and pains in any part of the body, the joints, head and neck are particularly sensitive.
Dizziness, not feeling “here” or “in your body”
Ringing in the ears
Pressure in the ears and head.
Increased thirst
Increased hunger ~ alternatively lack of desire to eat
Sensitivity to certain foods~ milk, alcohol, red meat are classic as their vibration is more dense.
Sensitivity to noise, crowds, pollution, smoke.
Hot sweats particularly at night
Disturbed sleep
Vivid dreams
You may also find that you loose "friends" who no longer resonate with you
The best ways to cope with these adjustments in your body are
Listen to your bodies needs
Eat fresh food
Drink plenty of fresh water
Use natural remedies such as Lavender oil to help you sleep
Amethyst crystal to ease headaches and help you release anything that needs to be released.
Have some energy healing
Allow and go with the flow~ do not try to resist the changes
Find like minded friends.
Spend time meditating /spend time in nature 

Q. Why work with Dragons?

Dragons are elemental beings that have worked with humanity since the time of Lemuria and maybe even earlier. As they can shift their energies to the lower dimensions they can more easily cleanse the planet and humans of old "stuck" energies. 
Dragons have a wide range of skills and qualities. There are dragons for every element ~ Earth, Air, Fire and Water. 
We are more aware of dragons now as the planetary portals of Andora and Lemuria have started to open allowing the dragon energy to return to the planet.  They carry with them ancient wisdom and can help to protect us. They have many more abilities that you can experience by attending a dragon workshop.

Why are there so many angels flocking to earth now?

Angels are here to assist us in raising our conciousness to a higher level. They are sending us messages to support and guide us as we make the transition to the higher frequencies of Unconditional Love. It is decreed that the earth and all of humanity are to become 5th Dimensional. This has to happen to allow the whole of the Universe to become balanced and aligned. Many humans are struggling to let go of old ways of being and we need all the help we can get to raise our conciousness.

What is Magnified Healing? How will it help me?

Magnified Healing is a healing that also helps to prepare the recipient for ascension in addition to healing the physical body.
It is an active healing in that the recipient is asked to visualise and to make affirmations etc

It also includes a Karma release. Anyone can learn the method on the 2 day course and they are then able to work on releasing Karma on an ongoing basis. Magnified Healing can help you on all levels, physical, mental, emotional and definitely on the spiritual level as you progress on your ascension path. The prospectus can be found here Anyone who has a Magnified Healing session and then goes on to book the Phase One course will have the cost of the treatment refunded.

What is the benefit of studying Atlantis~ It was destroyed.

It is the Golden Age of Atlantis that we focus on during the workshops and courses. This was an amazing 1,500 year period of earths history when humanity maintained a purity of spirit. This enabled them to have a clear connection to Source/God/Creator. As a result of maintaining this purity, the atlanteans were rewarded with amazing spiritual and psychic powers to enhance their lives. This was the last time that the energy on the planet was of the frequency that we describe as 5th Dimensional. It was a time of purity and unconditional love. Humanity honoured and respected the land, the animals, themselves and each other. They worked in harmony with each other. The planet is now moving towards another 5th dimensional era, what is being termed the New Age, or the New Golden Age. We can learn how to integrate this energy into our being and help the world to make this shift by studying and applying the lessons from the Golden Age of Atlantis.

Does my crystal jewelry need to be cleansed?

Yes! All crystals will store any energy that they come into contact with. So it is wise to remember to cleanse your crystal jewellery as well as your other crystals, particularly if you have had an argument or been in an emotional situation when wearing it. In general I cleanse pieces that I wear regularly every month or so. I would suggest that for jewellery in metal settings, or anything that you do not want to place in water, that you choose one of the "energetic" methods of cleansing, such as smudging, sound or using reiki symbols.
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