Crystals & Crystal Chakra Healing Practitioner Course
This course teaches an empowering "off the peg" method of working with the crystals which can be adapted to suit individual needs. Part one can be taken alone by anyone who wishes to learn about the care of crystals but who does not wish to become a practitioner.

The course is presented in two parts, each comprising of 2 days. It is also possible to split each part down, on request, to take 1 day at a time.

In part one the student will gain experience of working with and caring for crystals. Included in part one is:
  • Connect to crystals and their energy for balance and well being
  • Crystals for self treatment 
  • Learn how to give a crystal treatment to family and friends 
  • Care and Guardianship of crystals, cleansing, dedicating and programming of crystals. 
  • Creating Gem Elixirs
  • Lots of practical work and exercises 
Day one is perfect for those new to crystals who wish to learn about their care, cleansing, programming and how to access their energies.

Day two builds on the information in day one and gives the student a basic crystal healing method to enable them to treat themselves, family and friends.

Part Two will extend the students knowledge, skills and confidence, leading them to a qualification as a Crystal Chakra Healer.

Part Two includes:
  • How to do a full treatment on clients 
  • Working with crystals and clients professionally
  • Advanced healing techniques
  • Gridding with crystals
  • Lots of practical work and exercises 
  • There is Course work and feedback required before certification.
It is a requirement to have attended Part One before progressing to Part Two. 

The course investment includes: Set of chakra crystals, Pendulum, Master Crystal, Book “Crystal Chakra Healing” By Phillip Permutt. Comprehensive course notes. Take a look in the photo album or the video to see some of the students working during the course.

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