Transform Your Life


Transform your Life is based on 2 of Diana Cooper’s books, "Transform your Life" and "A Little light on the Spiritual Laws". Together they form the basis of this amazing personal and spiritual development programme.

Everything we experience in life is a gift for learning. When we understand, accept and work with this “gift” we can let go of conflict and struggle and start living in love light and harmony.

As we do this our future becomes filled with hope and inspiration – a future where anything is possible – this is the true power of transformation.

Transform Your Life Workshops and Courses.

Students from all walks of life can benefit from the Transform Your Life programme. Whether you want to improve your career prospects, your relationships or your health, there are powerful techniques taught within these classes.

A workshop consists of a full day centered around a particular topic. The courses work through a variety of topics over a number of weeks. During this work, hidden blockages will come to light and you will be gently guided to work on these issues to remove them and establish new, empowering belief patterns.

Transform Your Life workshops and courses cover the following topics~
  • Your Beliefs~ how they are created, taking responsibility and how to start to change the beliefs
  • The Inner Self~ work with the Inner Child to understand our actions, clear and heal blocks
  • The Inner Parents~ get our parents in persepective and create wise inner parents
  • Choosing responses and claiming our power
  • Relationships~ Mirrors and Our Shadow self. Healing relationships, identifying and healing patterns, uncording
  • Emotions
  • Wealth both spiritual and material
  • Transform and heal your body
To start living the life of your dreams, check the calender page for workshop dates or contact me with your  request 

It is also possible to book a one to one coaching session to deal with one particular aspect. These coaching sessions can be offered by Skype, contact me to arrange a no obligation preliminary chat.

NEW in April 2016
Transform Your Life Teacher Training course is now available in Cyprus.
See the prospectus here

Looking for an unusual gift idea?  Gift Vouchers are available for all courses, workshops and therapies.